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Who Makes Your Pokkas?

Most pens today are made a dozen time zones away by gigantic “pen-glomerates” – huge impersonal companies that churn them out by the billions. Not Pokka Pens. Today we want to tell you about the people who make your Pokka Pens. Introducing the Shea Family We like doing business with people close to home, so when we first started Pokka, we looked for a production partner in OUR time zone. By serendipity, we found the perfect teammate in Pen Company of America (PCA), a unique family owned company. The Shea Family and PCA have been our manufacturing partners from Day...

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NEW Rite in the Rain pocket notebooks! Pokka finds a soulmate!

NEW! Rite in the Rain pocket notebooks! Pokka finds a soulmate!

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John Ownby Gives New Life to Old Ad Pens

John Ownby, a Pokka customer, recently sent us this note: I wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how much I like your pens.  These are great, and one is always in my pocket.  I recently discovered that your refills have a use you may not have considered.  I have a small collection of old advertising pens and pencils, and since the pens I have are at least 50 years old, the ink has long dried out.  Well, I ordered some of your refills, and lo and behold they fit!  A couple of them had to be...

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Center For Disease Control Recommends Pokkas for Flu Season!

Just kidding, but maybe they should. I was in the Post Office yesterday, mailing off a big stack of Pokka orders, when I saw this little gem on the forms table. I nearly gagged.  I'm no germophobe, but it doesn't take much imagination to get skeeved out by this utensil, with all its germ-friendly nooks and crannies.  I carry my own pen (and its always a Pokka) for a lot of reasons. One good one is that in October, in the thick of flu season, I don't have to lay my hands on a germ collector like this. Thinking about a...

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Replacing Pokka Ink Cartridges

We worked hard to make the design of Pokka Pens robust and affordable. This meant eliminating non-essential features, and as it turns out, one feature that customers really wanted - replaceable ink cartridges. Lots of you wanted to extend the life of your Pokkas, and keep unnecessary plastic out of the landfill. Our bad.  We have now corrected our error by offering replacement cartridges.You should find it easy to replace your Pokka cartridges if you can handle a pair of household pliers - needle nose are best.  The process is simple - grab the black nose cone of the Pokka with...

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