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Gentleman Stationer Reviews Pokka All-Weather Pens

PEN REVIEW: POKKA PEN / RITE-IN-THE-RAIN ALL-WEATHER PEN December 6, 2018 If you recall the story behind the original Pokka Pen, Terry developed the concept because he was tired of losing his expensive Fisher Space Pens, and wanted something relatively replaceable that offered a similar writing experience. While the original Pokka Pen was, and remains, a high-quality, cost-effective replacement, it lacked certain features that made the pressurized Fisher cartridge so great - namely exceptional waterproofing and the ability to write upside down. Enter the “All-Weather” Pokka Pen a couple years later. This Pokka All-Weather Terry sent me for review came...

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All About the NEW All-Weather Pokka Pen

Many of you have asked us for a Pokka that can write in wet weather and withstand extreme conditions. We heard you loud and clear, so we teamed up with Rite In the Rain® to bring you the New Pokka All-Weather pocket pen. It combines the all-weather capability of Rite in the Rain pens with the compact, lightweight form factor of the Pokka Pen. The All-Weather Pen writes through water, sweat, grease and mud, and works in temperatures from -30°F to 250°F. It features a pressurized cartridge so you can write at any angle, even upside down. It also uses Rite in the...

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Even more prizes added to the Pokka 10K Giveaway!

We've been blown away by your support this past week as we close in on our 10,000th Pokka order! So much so that we are adding even more prizes to the Pokka 10K Giveaway! Up to 100 lucky customers, with the order numbers between #9,950 and #10,050 will receive a free Rite In The Rain notebook with their order when they use the discount code "POKKA10K" at checkout.* That's on top of the 10% discount that all orders using the code will receive (when you order by September 16th)! And as we announced last week, whoever places order #10,000 will receive our Grand Prize...

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Announcing the Pokka 10K Giveaway!

Thank you! We want to shout out a huge thank you to all the Pokka fans out there, as we are fast approaching our 10,000th order! That’s a ton of pocket pens, and we are just getting started! We’re celebrating the occasion the only way we know how, which is to offer a great deal to our loyal customers, and a chance to win an awesome EDC prize. That way, everyone is a winner! Starting today through September 16th, you can save 10% on any order by using discount code “POKKA10K” at checkout. But that’s not all – every order that includes the discount code is...

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Custom Printed Pokkas

The Perfect Pocket Pen is now the Perfect Promotional Gift! We have had dozens of requests for custom-printed Pokka Pens, but until now, we have not had an efficient and reliable way to create them for you. Well, now we do! We have partnered with JSS Promo, a leader in creating unique and effective promotional gifts to bring you the Perfect Promo Pen! JSS uses the latest UV inkjet technology to imprint Pokka Pens in up to 4 colors, with excellent resolution and durability. Two-sided printing allows you to put your best foot forward. JSS stocks our pens in several standard colors, so that you can get fast delivery of your...

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