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All About the NEW All-Weather Pokka Pen

Many of you have asked us for a Pokka that can write in wet weather and withstand extreme conditions. We heard you loud and clear, so we teamed up with Rite In the Rain® to bring you the New Pokka All-Weather pocket pen. It combines the all-weather capability of Rite in the Rain pens with the compact, lightweight form factor of the Pokka Pen.

The All-Weather Pen writes through water, sweat, grease and mud, and works in temperatures from -30°F to 250°F. It features a pressurized cartridge so you can write at any angle, even upside down. It also uses Rite in the Rain's special ink formulation, ideally suited to wet environments and extreme temperatures - the perfect complement to Rite in the Rain® waterproof notebooks.

You can write whenever you need to, no matter what Mother Nature dishes out. These pens are perfect for hunters, fishermen, police and tactical, astronauts and arctic explorers.

Every All-Weather Pokka Pen is marked with the distinctive Rite In the Rain® logo, your assurance of great notes in any conditions. They are available now in packs of two in Blaze Orange & Blakk.


Frequently Asked Questions

 What ink cartridge does the pen use?

The pen uses a Fisher pressurized cartridge and a specially formulated ink. The cartridge is smaller in capacity than a standard Fisher cartridge, so that it will fit in the compact Pokka barrel.

Are the pens refillable?

The Pokka All Weather Pen is a limited edition collaboration with Rite in the Rain, and spare waterproof cartridges are not available to us. 

What colors are available?

The pens are only available in Blaze Orange and Blakk for now, but other colors may be added in the future.



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