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Center For Disease Control Recommends Pokkas for Flu Season!

Just kidding, but maybe they should.

I was in the Post Office yesterday, mailing off a big stack of Pokka orders, when I saw this little gem on the forms table. I nearly gagged. 

I'm no germophobe, but it doesn't take much imagination to get skeeved out by this utensil, with all its germ-friendly nooks and crannies. 

I carry my own pen (and its always a Pokka) for a lot of reasons. One good one is that in October, in the thick of flu season, I don't have to lay my hands on a germ collector like this.

Thinking about a "Skeevy Pen Photo Contest". A prize (some Pokkas and maybe hand sanitizer) for the best (worst) entry. 

Send em in!

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