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Replacing Cartridges

We worked hard to make the design of Pokka Pens robust and affordable. This meant eliminating non-essential features, and as it turns out, one feature that customers really wanted - replaceable ink cartridges. Lots of you wanted to extend the life of your Pokkas, and keep unnecessary plastic out of the landfill.

Our bad. 

We have now corrected our error by offering replacement cartridges.You should find it easy to replace your Pokka cartridges if you can handle a pair of household pliers - needle nose are best. 

The process is simple - grab the black nose cone of the Pokka with the pliers as shown in the photo above (perpendicular to the pen, with the pliers contacting the flat section of the cone nearest the barrel).

Rotate the pen body as you pull the barrel gently away from the nose cone. The cartridge usually comes out easily. Feels a little like you are "unscrewing" it, even though the cartridge is not threaded.

Then just replace it with the new cartridge. Be careful not to bend the ink reservoir tube too much when re-inserting the cartridge.

Thanks for your patience with us as we remedy our rookie mistakes.

Here is a video showing the replacement process:

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