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Who Makes Your Pokkas?

Most pens today are made a dozen time zones away by gigantic “pen-glomerates” – huge impersonal companies that churn them out by the billions.

Not Pokka Pens.

Today we want to tell you about the people who make your Pokka Pens.

Introducing the Shea Family

We like doing business with people close to home, so when we first started Pokka, we looked for a production partner in OUR time zone. By serendipity, we found the perfect teammate in Pen Company of America (PCA), a unique family owned company. The Shea Family and PCA have been our manufacturing partners from Day 1.

While we do the soft “office work” of designing and marketing the pens, PCA does the “real work” of making them. Just like Pokka, they are a homegrown company located in New Jersey. In fact, they are only about a 5-minute drive from our offices.

PCA makes truckloads of pens and markers every year, only a tiny fraction of which are Pokkas, but they treat us more than fairly. Check out the video below and you will see why we like working with them so much.

So there you have it – the Sheas are a big happy American family that makes your Pokkas the right way! Every Pokka you buy supports a whole bunch of American families, just like yours.

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