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NEW Rite in the Rain pocket notebooks! Pokka finds a soulmate!

Pokka is excited to offer our NEW Pokka / Rite in the Rain Combo Packs, the best one-two punch in outdoor note taking. These Combo Packs are available EXCLUSIVELY from Pokka!


Who should try ‘em:

Soldiers – Hikers - Campers – Farmers – Climbers – Bushcrafters - Law Enforcement – EMT - Wannabes


Each Combo Pack contains 2 Pokka Pens, and 2 Rite in the Rain pocket notebooks. The pens and pads are both compact, lightweight and rugged. They come in 4 colors, perfect for your personal adventure.

We posted these Combos on our website last week, and they BLEW OUT THE DOOR, and we had to re-order immediately! Lucky for you, we now have plenty.

What the Heck is Rite in the Rain?

A hundred years ago, a scrappy pioneer named Jerry Darling (LOVE that name) invented a way to dip paper in a “secret sauce” that made it waterproof, but still easy to write on. His customers roamed the Cascades sawing timber, and needed a way to keep their notes from turning to mush in the soggy Puget Sound climate. Jerry gave them what they needed, and the company he founded (J.L. Darling of Tacoma) has been serving outdoorsmen for a century with Rite in the Rain products.

Most Pokka fans don’t saw timber, but we all have the outdoor spirit, and sometimes that takes us to wet places. And when we take notes, we want them to stay put. Rite in the Rain paper is the perfect solution.

We especially love Rite in the Rain’s All-Weather Pocket Notebooks. These tough customers have 24 pages of rainproof, wash-proof, butt-sweat-proof paper, in a 3.2” by 4.6” size that is perfect for your back pocket (like Pokka is for your front pocket).

I carry one every day to write stuff I need to remember, like the name of that awesome Bourbon I tried last night. If I forget to take it out of my jeans before wash time, my notes come out clean, a little wrinkly, but entirely legible (it was Buffalo Trace!)

Finally, both Pokka Pens and Rite in the Rain notebooks are PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA, not in some jungle sweatshop (although a little sweat wouldn’t bother either one!).

Get yours today, before they sell out!

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  • I just ordered the trial pack so I can try both of ‘em at the same time.
    It’s mighty refreshing to hear those wonderful words again!! “Made in America”…. I love it! 🇺🇸
    Its also fitting that you mentioned “The Buffalo Trace”!! Another fine product of the “Good Ol’ USA”🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    Robert Jessop

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