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Gentleman Stationer Reviews Pokka All-Weather Pens


December 6, 2018

If you recall the story behind the original Pokka Pen, Terry developed the concept because he was tired of losing his expensive Fisher Space Pens, and wanted something relatively replaceable that offered a similar writing experience. While the original Pokka Pen was, and remains, a high-quality, cost-effective replacement, it lacked certain features that made the pressurized Fisher cartridge so great - namely exceptional waterproofing and the ability to write upside down. Enter the “All-Weather” Pokka Pen a couple years later.

This Pokka All-Weather Terry sent me for review came equipped with the new clip, available for purchase separately and shown here on a “Blaze Orange” All-Weather Pokka Pen.

Designed in partnership with both Fisher and Rite-in-the-Rain, the two leading companies in the “all-weather” EDC writing space, the All-Weather Pokka Pen features a pressurized Fisher cartridge and the “Rite-in-the-Rain” logo emblazoned on the side. Otherwise, the All-Weather Pokka Pen is identical to the standard Pokka, which isn’t a negative in my book because the original Pokka Pen has a nearly perfect design and build for a product in its intended niche.

The pen works as expected. One pleasant surprise was a very fine tip size on the cartridge - finer than either the standard Pokka Pen or the Fisher Space Pen. For someone who writes relatively small, I always enjoy discovering new options for fine-tip ballpoint pens, and this one has been a steady companion in the car and in my coat pocket.


I actually ended up preferring the All-Weather Pokka Pen to the standard Pokka (and even the standard Fisher Space Pen) due to the finer tip size and the slightly drier ink. Pokka and Fisher nailed the cartridge, which is a joy to write with and works flawlessly.

Rite-in-the-Rain, or in the sun! The Pokka All-Weather in Blaze Orange compared against my Fisher Space Pen Brass Bullet.

The only thing that gives me some pause is the current price point and lack of refill availability. A standard Pokka Pen costs roughly $2-3 per unit, depending on how many of them you purchase, with refills available if you don’t want to just recycle the pen body after it runs dry. The All-Weather pens currently costs just under $13 for a two-pack, which makes sense given the relatively expensive pressurized cartridge, but no refills are currently available. Rather than lay out $13 for two disposable pens, some people may choose to go ahead and purchase a Fisher Space Pen that they can refill if they aren’t scared to lose it. (Note: Regular Pokka refills weren’t available when the product first launched, and pressurized refills may be introduced at a later date.)

You can purchase the All-Weather Pokka Pen directly from the Pokka website, along with the standard Pokka Pens in all of their great patters and colors. Pokka Pens make great stocking stuffers, btw, and my family has enjoyed receiving them for the past couple of years! For that reason I’ve included them in the past couple of TGS Holiday Gift Guides.

Disclaimer: Pokka Pens sent me the samples featured in this review free of charge, for review purposes.

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