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Pokka sells unique pocket pens and accessories for people on the move, not for desk jockeys. 

Our pens are designed for EMT's, police officers, construction workers, trekkers and anyone else who needs a compact, lightweight, rugged pen. All of our pens are 100% Made in the USA.

Our pens fit your pocket, purse or pack. Best of all, they have a patented o-ring dock so they snap shut to seal out water, dirt and grime. Pokkas even float!

Our standard Pokka Pens are medium ball-points, and are durable, reliable and affordable. Our All-Weather Pens, designed in partnership with Rite in the Rain and Fisher, feature weatherproof ink cartridges that write through mud, sweat, grease  and water. They perform in extreme temperatures, and even write upside down! Look for the All-Weather Icon. 

Put one in your pocket for a week, and you'll be a believer. Pokka is the pen for your active lifestyle!


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