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    "The best pen for everyday carry is the one you have with you, and that usually means it's durable, reliable and pocket friendly. It's no accident that "Pokka" sounds a lot like "pocket". These tiny pens are small and easy to carry when capped, but extend to a comfortable length to write with. The design is simple but it works really well, giving it a rock solid feel". ~ - the-10-best-edc-pens-in-2019
    Designed in partnership with BOTH Fisher and Rite in the Rain, the two leading companies in the "all-weather" EDC writing space, the All-Weather Pokka Pen features a pressurized Fisher cartridge and the "Rite in the Rain" logo emblazoned on the side. Otherwise, the All-Weather Pokka Pen is identical to the standard Pokka, which isn't a negative in my book because the original Pokka Pen has a nearly perfect design and build for a product in its intended niche. ~ The Gentleman Stationer
    The pen you want to stash everywhere: in your car, in every bag you own. The Pokka Pen is a fun and convenient tool that's received rave reviews from everyone I know who's tried it. ~ - The Gentleman Stationer
    Your anywhere and everywhere backup pen. Throw one in a bag, a purse, your car, one in the kitchen drawer. ~ Brad Dowdy - The Pen Addict
    The new Pokka Pen is specifically designed to be carried in a pants pocket and provide a high-quality writing experience. Measuring at a compact length of 3 3/8" when stored, the Pokka Pen won’t jab you in the leg during your day-to-day activities. When you use the Pokka Pen, it opens to 5 1/2", fits well in your hand and provides a smooth writing experience. ~ Journal of Emergency Medical Services - JEMS
    A very simple design - 'small in the pocket, large in the hand' - the genius is that it's so small you forget about it. Affordable, sturdy, no-brainer pens. They'll come in handy more often than you think. ~ Dries Bleus - Pencil Case Blog
    I LOVE the pens - they are so perfect. I even put one in my wallet, just awesome. ~ Gary B.
    I love your product (I carry one every day). Thanks for producing such a perfect daily accessory. ~ Jason D.
    Turtle shell tough! ~ Michael M.
    If you tend to misplace or lend out pens a lot, and find yourself constantly purchasing Fisher Space Pens, you owe it to yourself to test out a pack of Pokka Pens. These have earned a place in my daily carry. ~ Gentleman Stationer - Best Pocket Pens
    Practically disappears in my pocket. Love it! ~ Walter V.
    These pens are life changers. So easy to throw in the pocket every morning on the way out the door. ~ Clint R.
    These lil' pens are unbelievably handy! Kinda shocks folks when you get your Pokka on, and they ask "Where did you get that pen?". ~ Carl J.
    These are great! They remind me of the Fisher Space Pen but a quarter of the price. Do yourself a favor and order a few of these. ~ Tracey F.
    Once I put one in my pocket I really got how awesome these pens are. Now I have them in my car, everywhere in my house, and everyone I have given one too has become a fan as well. ~ Michael H.
    Finally, someone has gotten it right - these pens are sweet, portable and the design is insanely perfect. Your beauty is your simplicity. ~ Cheryl E.
    Fits anywhere, doesn't leak, writes well. What else could I want? ~ Bruce P.
    I used 'space pens' for years, and they are great. But you pay for them. Pokka Pens write just as well, fit just as well, and are a fraction of the price. It's a no-brainer. ~ Chris J.
    I love the product! You have a real winner in this item. ~ Donald M.
    A simple but really genius invention. ~ Stuart D.
    I LOVE Them. Smooth writing small enough to take and I bought enough to share. I will be ordering again!!! 😊❤️ ~ Wanda H.
    Love this pen! I'm a photographer and have it with me constantly taking notes on various shots. ~ Jack P.
    I have been using pocket pens for over 50 years. These are the best, but keep a spare. Easy to lose, quickly missed. ~ Mel E.
    Great product! Game changer for me. ~ Scott A.
    I love how compact the Pokka Pen is! ~ Penny J.
    I rely on your pens daily to keep me in the field. They are light, handy and very reliable. ~ Mike B.
    Great Pens! Simple & Fun To Use. Write Great! ~ Greg H.
    One of the best pens I have bought in a while. So lite it gets lost in my pocket. It's great knowing I have a pen all the time ! ~ Jackie C.
    A month in and these are the ONLY pens I use. ~ Joe M.
    Holy crap on a cracker - THEY ARE GREAT! ~ Ernie R.
    These pens are fantastic! Heard about them through the Field Nuts group on Facebook, and I love them. ~ Josh M.
    I love your pens... I receive many compliments from my co-workers and they write well. ~ Carlo B.
    Love the colors, and they write smooth and clean. Wish I had gotten a bunch more while I was at it! And thanks to Pokka for the great customer service! None better. ~ Jake C.
    My husband has been losing Fisher pens for years. We love these. They write great, look great, fit anywhere. ~ Jackie L.
    Takes up so little space I actually have trouble finding it amongst my pocket change. Needs to be squared more so as not to roll on flat surfaces. I rate the pens 8 of a possible 10. ~ Michael G.
    I've been looking for something like this for a long time. Small, lightweight, waterproof enclosed, and even floats. I use one at work and have two packed in my travel bags. ~ Craig A.
    I love the pens. Have recommended them to many people. My only suggestion would be adding a pocket clip. ~ Ryan C.
    It writes great and is a great pocket pen. Makes a great gift. ~ William S.
    The pens are awesome! And I will be giving two to my friends; I'm sure all of them will be ordering some. I wish I knew about these sooner! ~ Shawn
    I coach a local rugby team, and these pens will be a great fit for jotting down notes on the sideline. Very cool product! When you make a 55 year old man excited about a pen, I think you've got something! ~ Mark
    I love the pop and snap. I'll probably wear that out before I run out of ink!. ~ Dave
    This little pen has changed my life! I use it 50 times a day, and I never carried a pen before. ~ Don-E B.
    These are fantastic; I can hardly feel them in my pocket. ~ Andy
    I'm a fountain pen guy. I have never found a suitable "pocket pen" until NOW! This is a true pocket pen. Only had it a few days and already LOVE it! ~ Steve R.
    I have had a space pen in my pocket every day for years. But I have lost it and replaced it twice. Your video made reference to the lost space pen. Hook, line and sinker! ~ John
    I have already shared a few and the techs love them. Very light, but surprisingly sturdy when writing. We will be ordering more shortly. ~ Paul
    I've been carrying Fisher Space Pens, but when they get lost, it is very expensive. Pokka Pens are extremely reasonable, and very high quality for the price. ~ Will S.
    Pen needs some kind of clip, just sayin. Otherwise it's OK. ~ John R.
    I like when it clicks it's secure so it won't leak in your pocket. ~ Craig K.
    Everything it was billed to be. Lightweight, compact, writes well and when open, is comfortable to write with. ~ Lester S.
    I'm fond of these new pens. Unfortunately, my friends are even more fond of them. I'll need another 10 pack. ~ Tony S.
    Very sturdy and I love the orange and black color. Put one in the car and gave the other to my wife who uses it at the grocery store. I would buy again. ~ Christian S.
    I use Pokka Pen because it is the only pen I can carry in my dress blues comfortably. Thanks again! ~ Jimmy R.
    It's exactly what I was hoping for - compact, easy to carry around and convenient. ~ Christopher R.
    I've been carrying a space pen but at $25 I don't want to lose it. I was intrigued by Pokka. They are really great little pens - I keep them everywhere. ~ Bill K.
    I like the weightlessness in my pocket. The nib is okay, not great. ~ Darrell W.
    Love my Pokka Pen! It's ultra-lightweight and compact, yet comfortable to write with. Grab a few, your friends will try to steal them. ~ Savannah S.
    This is a great design! They fit in my jeans pocket without poking a hole in them, and it is always great to have a pen available. I'm very impressed with the value. ~ John O.
    I love my pens. Smooth writing. Pops in my pocket, no worries about ink stains, and they are fun to fidget with too! ~ Michael H.
    Convenient and writes nicely. Please make a blue ink option! ~ Brad M.
    The only improvement I can suggest is for gel ink rather than ballpoint. ~ Bill L.
    That bright orange will show up inside black briefcase and purse linings, dark book bags and car consoles. ~ Bill B.
    Great product with prompt delivery! Use it all the time. ~ Brian H.
    My two boys were very intrigued. They liked the way you could switch colors - they immediately started trading! They each have a Pokka in their school bags. ~ Nick C.
    Thanks for making a cool, useful product. ~ Russell S.
    I am a firefighter/EMT and officer, so having a pen is a necessity. Love the size and fits in my jeans really well off duty. ~ Scott J.
    An awesome Officer Safety pen. Blaze Orange is easy to find... I am spreading the word through police forums. ~ Kale D.
    Your design is fun and practical. Thanks for making them in the USA. I plan to buy more. ~ Charles K.
    Love the design, but the cartridge is underwhelming. Maybe an XL version with a higher quality cartridge is in order? ~ Greg M.
    Very popular at Scout Camp. I have given away most of my first order! ~ William E.
    Always there when you need one! ~ David K.
    Shipping was quick. Pens work and look great! ~ Ron N.
    Amazing pens. Love the compact design. Very comfortable to write with. Would recommend these. ~ Joe N.
    If you made the pens to fit the Fisher refills, your pen would be awesome. ~ Shayne O.
    These things are kick ass! I have people I know that will LOVE these. I'll have them spread the word. ~ Garrett S.