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Brassman All Weather Custom

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The Brassman is the pinnacle of Pokka design - featuring the same elegant machined cap and Dokk as our Blakk Jakk and Silver Bullet, but made of solid brass. It has a rich hand feel and satisfying heft.

This pen has our top-of-the-line black All-Weather barrel with a Fisher pressurized cartridge. Writes anywhere, in any conditions - even upside down!

We don't lacquer our brass, because the warm, rich patina it acquires over time is so beautiful. A little Brasso will brighten it up if you want to restore it to its original sheen.

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Customer Reviews

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Richard Boyd
Great High Quality Writing Tool

Very well make pen! Looks good and nice to use. It is a little heavy but that comes with the material being used. The only issue like other people have mentioned is the way you have to remove the end cap in order to attach the pen cap and it makes it a little awkward to use. Otherwise this is a great product.

Nikos Tarasidis
A nice little pen

I bought the other pen in aluminum as well, I’m a big fan of most everything Pokka puts out. This brass one is very nice, feels solid in the hand and safe in my pocket. The machining lines are a little rough, however. Something to consider with these all metal pens is that you cannot post them without removing the metal end cap. A bit awkward to use with that in mind, but not a huge issue. Overall I like the pen a lot but I probably won’t use it as much as I do my other Pokkas. It’s a great little looker to show my friends and play with at my desk.

Looks great, Well made

But you can’t post the pen to its cylinder without removing the cap. The other Pokkas do that easily. Also I’m not sure how to refill it. It doesn't look like you can remove the ink filler. Can you replace the whole cartridge with another Pokka cartridge?


Good size, definitely a keeper.