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"The best pen for everyday carry is the one you have with you, and that usually means it's durable, reliable and pocket friendly. It's no accident that "Pokka" sounds a lot like "pocket". These tiny pens are small and easy to carry when capped, but extend to a comfortable length to write with. The design is simple but it works really well, giving it a rock solid feel".
~ - the-10-best-edc-pens-in-2019

Designed in partnership with BOTH Fisher and Rite in the Rain, the two leading companies in the "all-weather" EDC writing space, the All-Weather Pokka Pen features a pressurized Fisher cartridge and the "Rite in the Rain" logo emblazoned on the side. Otherwise, the All-Weather Pokka Pen is identical to the standard Pokka, which isn't a negative in my book because the original Pokka Pen has a nearly perfect design and build for a product in its intended niche.
~ The Gentleman Stationer

The pen you want to stash everywhere: in your car, in every bag you own. The Pokka Pen is a fun and convenient tool that's received rave reviews from everyone I know who's tried it.

~ - The Gentleman Stationer

Your anywhere and everywhere backup pen. Throw one in a bag, a purse, your car, one in the kitchen drawer.

~ Brad Dowdy - The Pen Addict