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Our classic, understated black carry pen. 

Carries small, writes big! Almost weightless in your pocket. Waterproof, secure.

Black ink, medium standard ballpoint. 


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

I started using Pokka pens at the beginning of the pandemic. It's a great product that I have grown attached to. When I lost the original one I purchased, I felt naked without it.

Christopher Roper
Horrible ink/zero customer service

I want to first say I love these pens. My problem is with the ink quality. The first time I purchased a three pack they were awesome. The last two packs have both had one pen that would not write. I have now ordered a tree pack of refills and a five pack. The first had one ink that would not write and the five pack had two. I reached out to customer service and have never received a reply.

Decent Lightweight EDC Pen

Picked this up after hearing buzz in the EDC community. It is a decent lightweight EDC carry option for a pen. Folds conveniently down for pocket carry and is ligher than a Space pen. Writing quality is decent, and ink flow works well. purchased extra pocket cilp which makes it useful to clip to a notebook or shirt pocket. holds pen reasonably well. would recommend this pen as a lightweight EDC pen.

bill hluza
Great Simple Pen

I was intrigued by the size of the pen. I finally ordered two when they made one "rite in the rain' as a geologist i have tons of RITR field notebooks. I have been using the pen constantly for a week with no problems in my daily scribbles in my field book. Writes as good as my space pen but cheaper. I will buy this product again

jim heyer

Love the design and the price. Terrible writing quality. Constant ink skipping. Will not purchase again unless ink refill dramatically improves. That is why Space Pen is so much better.