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All-Weather Pokkas!  Black 2-Pack

All-Weather Pokkas! Black 2-Pack

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These Pokkas write through rain, snow, grease, or whatever else you throw at them. We designed them with partners Rite in the Rain and Fisher to perform in the harshest environments. The pressurized genuine Fisher cartridge means steady, smooth ink flow in any conditions, you can even write upside down! Two to a pack.

NOTE: ONLY Pokkas with the Rite in the Rain logo are All-Weather capable! 

Our partnership arrangement does not permit us to stock and sell refills for these pens.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Nelson Morales
good pen but.....

it is a good, inexpensive pen that does what is advertised. The only drawback is the fine point. no other choice. Medium points usually write much nicer. This one is thin!! gets the job done, but I can't see why they can't offer the medium-point option. I have tried them, I like them, if I lose them, I won't waste much money, but I also have a space pen, and the medium point is smoother and nicer on paper. I may just go to space pens after the ink runs out on my pokka.

The Answer to my Prayers

I am not one to write reviews, but I had to spread the good word that Pokka has done the impossible. I carry a pen everyday on and off work, and have always believed that having a writing utensil at hand is useful. I work in the outdoors in austere environments where mobility is important. Carrying traditional "durable" pens, with pressurized ink in order to write in rain and snow, was always a nuisance as they stabbed my leg or chest, often became lost, and were expensive to replace.

The price is right, they're made here in our great country, and this is a product that impressed me enough to move me to write a review. Thank you Pokka. I am extremely pleased, and to all who might read this, I encourage you to buy one. You will be pleased too.

Love these Pens

I need a pen on my person at all times and the standard Rite in the Rain pens are terrible, mechanically they fail, they're slippery with gloves, and I usually end up losing the $12-15 pen long before the refill is empty.

Pokka Pens are awesome and I've never lost one yet. Customer Service is awesome! I'm really excited for the Dock as I wear a neck lanyard with ID all the time and there are times when reaching in my pocket is difficult.

Thanks for a great product