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Steve Engle Engineers Awesome "Clip Hack"

Many of you have asked us if we have a version of Pokka with a clip. We don't yet, but it is on the drawing board for the future.

Meanwhile, Steve Engle sent us this awesome photo of a hack he did with clips that are available on Amazon. Just search "Bullet Pen Clip".

Steve had to "adjust" the clip arms and he warns that the clips "are definitely a stout piece of steel - I had to use both my hands with needle nose pliers to spread out the wings" so that it fit.

We think "stoutness" will be no match for most Pokka users, so go ahead and try Steve's hack yourself!

Also note that Steve has mixed parts from two Pokkas to create his own special carry pen. 

Nice work Steve, and thanks for letting us post your "hack".

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