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New Life for Old Pokkas (#1) - the Pokka Lokker!

Posted by Terry O'Connor on

Pokka Pens last a long time as pocket "backup pens". But once yours is done, what do you do with it?

It is a shame to toss such a fine piece of engineering, so some of our clever customers have "hacked" their empty Pokkas and created great "Pokka Lokkers".  that hold anything from a few Advil tablets to (Colorado only) smokes.

This particular "hack" is accomplished by removing the ink insert with household pliers, then cutting off the pen barrel near the lower o-ring (an ordinary hack saw works great).

One of the cool things about o-rings is that they make Pokkas waterproof - so your Advils are safe from the elements!

Send us your photos of Pokka Hacks. The best entries will make it onto this blog and will earn discounts on future purchases.